About the project

The Synapse Project is a collaborative research network examining the use of mobile computing technology in neurorehabilitation.

In the Research section, you'll find references to our initial work arising from this research network, along with copies of two of the presentations. Ongoing work in 2010 involves an initial small-scale clinical trial examining the use of custom iPhone software to compensate for face-name recall difficulties after severe traumatic brain injury. Meanwhile, we've recently launched the Synapse Voices podcast, a conversation between people with brain injuries, family members, clinicians and researchers about mobile computing technology in brain injury rehabilitation.

The intention of the Synapse Project is to facilitate a collaboration of both research teams and other stakeholders, including people with neurodisability. We wish to stimulate and contribute to an international conversation about the role mobile computing technology can play in maximising function despite neurodisability. We would welcome your participation. Get in touch.