Synapse Voices 7: Bailey Pailor-Smith

When a 13 year old speaks at a major conference, I take note. It’s not every teenager who can take the stage. When that same 13 year old has the style do so in a trillby, I’ll admit he's got my full attention. And ultimately it was the substance, not just the style of this speaker’s presentation, that was the most impressive. The conference was the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) “New World” conference on disability in the 21st century in Brisbane, Australia. The Digital Dreams session presenters were a number of people with expert lived experience of using technology to manage and reduce disability. I was keen to introduce him to you. And thus, after an extended hiatus—three years—I am pleased to bring back the Synapse Voices podcast for you, to introduce Bailey Paior-Smith. And now that it's back, more episodes are going to follow... within the week. Subscribe, and stay tuned...

APA reference for this episode:
Pailor-Smith, B. (Interviewee), & Babbage, D.R. (Interviewer/Producer). (2015). Synapse Voices 7: Bailey Pailor-Smith. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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