Synapse Voices 9: Maudie Beissel

Maudie Biessel has the kind of practical insights that only comes from being a lived experience expert—someone who has personal knowledge of the topic they are talking about. At the NDIS “New World” conference on disability in the 21st century in Brisbane, Australia, she discussed the importance for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to re-ground themselves after experiencing flashbacks or dissociative episodes in the community. In this podcast, she shares a number of ideas for ways that a smartphone app could provide people with practical assistance in that process. Plus, Duncan announces the launch of his app Intro. See more at

APA reference for this episode:
Beissel, M. (Interviewee), & Babbage, D. R. (Interviewer/Producer). (2017). Synapse Voices 9: Maudie Beissel. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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